Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding of a friend

So tomorrow, the male version of me gets married, and not to me.

Princeton University -- New Jersey, September 2008

Which is OK. Because Justin has been seriously in love for a serious long time with his soon-to-be-wife, Mala, who in her own right has become a serious Friend Who is a A Girl to me. (In fact, I'm a sari-wearing bridesmaid for tomorrow's nuptials in Marblehead, going on with or without Tropical Storm Danny.) The 2 fall into a category of those who became closer friends after they became couples, their affection for one another inspiring them to share wisdom with me in tandem. Relationship advices from the learned. They've heard every one of my stories and I've heard theirs.

Although I've known Justin for 8 years, and will fondly recall him as a not-mature grad student from Ohio who never slept or ate or failed to miss a musical theater audition or bike from Revere to Davis Square at 5 a.m. or buy accordions and dulcimers on eBay, then use his barista card to buy discounted Starbucks drinks several times a day, then drive all over kingdom-come to suffer through 10Ks and half-marathons with his shorter (but faster) female version of him.

Of course, he can (and will) continue to be all these things, and a pretty good husband too.

Bravo, friend.


Anonymous said...

@Karin. Hope the wedding occurred without discomfort, given the storm. I'm sure the sari was very beautiful, unlike most "bridesmaid dresses".

Karin said...

Hey, thanks. It did downpour and but there were matching umbrellas to be had. Discomfort was my gold high-heeled sandals getting caught in the wedding venue's fire escape, during the rain, during the recessional, but that's a longer story for another day.

And the couple is indeed fully wed, now. That part was a slam-dunk.

Anonymous said...

@Karin. Ah, toujour l'amour.