Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bikini Challenge (Week IX: Damn Cereal)

Confession: I did a dry run with the bikini earlier this week. In my bathroom. Standing on the toilet, to get the full story in the sink mirror. Adjusting, adjusting, adjusting the bottoms.

(I figured I should get to know what I really have to work on these last 10 days, eh?)

The good news: abs aren't a 6-pack, but the stomach is hanging in there. Actually, it's not hanging that much at all. Woo-hoo!

The bad news: when you're angling to look good in a bikini, with all the focus on the stomach, you forget that extra hip flesh is going to be the culprit.

(See: adjusting, adjusting, adjusting those bottoms. New Week IX Buzzphrase: side leg raises.)

The bad news (2): pasty, pasty, pasty skin. Very pasty.

(I wonder if self-tanning lotion is something that I can pay for with my flex-spending benefits card from work?)

The bad news (3): the return of the cereal addiction. 2/3 box of GoLean! Sunday night, 1/2 box Kashi Heart to Heart last night. T

That's 11 servings of (albeit healthy and fiber-laden) carbohydrates shooting straight to the aforementioned hips.

I chronicled this development on my Facebook status yesterday, and bless the heart of my former writing instructor who then commented:

"carb away. you're a running fool."
Still struggling with the great dichotomy of marathon training: burning calories like a fool....and consequently eating like a fool and putting them all back.

(But, I should say, despite the constant Kashi infusion.....the burning may be winning.)

Bring on March 22!

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