Wednesday, August 25, 2010

(Re) visitors

I was in Minnesota this weekend, throwing a party with my sisters to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary.

While away, seems it was Old Home Weekend on the OKC.

I logged in Sunday night, post-party, to discover that
this (Date Meltdown) man,
this (Republican Stand-Up Comic) man,
this (Wrestling Wanna-be) woman ,
a Brooklyn-based political consultant from last fall, and
(amazingly, without guile)
this (So Sensitive I'll Berate the Girl I Want to See) man
had all viewed my profile. 

This (Nervous about Choice of Pants and Bar Was Too Loud and Lost Your Number and Thought You Weren't Coming)  man left a message, saying he still wanted to go out.

This (Falls Asleep while Making Out, unbelieveably, Twice) man, said Hi! with a :-) Sunday night as I was logged in. 

Then Monday night, up pops a (never wrote about him, either) man who, the couple times we chatted last winter, never failed to ask how much I would love sleeping with both him and his roommate and, if I was really feeling it, maybe a third friend, at the same time.

WTF?  I've rarely been on OKC in the last couple months, except to occasionally respond to an unsolicited message.  Did someone stick a GPS tracker on my profile? 

First guess, curiosity.  Then boredom.  (Not likely but perhaps possibly) regret over actions, lack of action, or indecisiveness.  Most certainly, a fair dose of horniness.

Ah, men. (And rassling women.) 


Although on some level, I'm feeling mild satisfaction that they all, indeed, still are, also, single.

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Jen said...

My last OKC conversation began with "I think you are submissive." I should have hit the X then.