Monday, August 30, 2010

Being a girl friend

At the risk of self-back-patting to nauseating degree ... I'm declaring myself worthy of a lapel pin stating that I can be a good Friend Who is a Girl.

Having no dates this past week, I nonetheless:

1) Heard the buzz of this text from Boy Friend #1 at midnight on Wednesday:

"Karin!  I'm in love!" 

This after having talked to BF #1 a few days earlier and at that time, he had not so much as mentioned a date with anyone new. Which meant a love-at-first-sight encounter thwacked him, hard. Which meant impulse-emotion-troubleshooting was shortly on the horizon.

And it has been. While not wishing it, I'm awaiting the possible crying-on-shoulder to follow. Which, if it does, will be OK .... since he has done the same for me more times than he deserves to have had to.

2) With gusto, braved a public reading from a Glenn Beck screed at Brookline Booksmith Thursday next to Boy Friend #2.

Afterwards, while taking down a few beers at a pub and dissecting the multi-talents of James Franco, said goodbye mid-story when his fiancĂ©e -- returning from IKEA and rightfully needing a hand with some larger purchases for their apartment -- called to say she was picking him up, right then.

It is for good friends that a girl gets displaced for furniture and doesn't mind.

3) Spent additional quality beer time Sunday night, out with Boy Friend #3, watching Tampa Bay take down the Red Sox in the final innings.

While he and I dated briefly several years ago, we now hang on occasion to review the Major League Baseball teams we follow, eat nachos and burgers, talk life. I hope I've improved my ability to discuss a former love interest's current love interest ... and be truly interested. (The case in this case.) Learning, too, to notice that as time passes, it often leeches out whatever unhealthiness caused past unhappiness, allowing for present socialization.

(And yes, sorry. That indeed is almost a line from a high school psychology textbook.)

BF #3 is on the cusp of something good and because of that (or maybe just because he would be anyway) is magnanimous towards my own failings: Saturday Date Meltdown Man, the on-and-off dynamic with Boy Friend #1, the monstrous chat with HBI. I've told it all, he's heard it all and now gives feedback. Last night he went as far to suggest the danger in my attraction to clever men .... whose skills to charm and smooth often morph into manipulation and dishonesty.

True. Although might I note here that all 3 of these Boy Friends mentioned above are ridiculous clever. Smart. Driven. Which is of course why we get along and why in part, I (at least think I) don't have to worry about succumbing to their smooth charm .... since we're not dating anyway.

Although I do look forward to the continued, available insider information on other men they have already -- and I hope also continue to -- provide.


Joshua said...

My apologies for replacing you with furniture. I much prefer your company to that of a metal IKEA bookshelf ... or three. :)

Karin said...

@Joshua. Nothing a little karaoke at the Courtside can't cure. ;-)