Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bob/Kat 45/65

It's my blog.

I am free to write about how 1986 was the last time I was small enough to fit into my mother's wedding dress.   Or how by the time she was my current age, she had three daughters, had owned a piano for 15 years, and with my dad, had just bought their first business and their fourth home.


I'll just post a picture of said mother in said dress, wish my parents a happy (45) anniversary and my mother a happy (65) birthday, marvel a little.


Anonymous said...

utter adorableness...

PLEASE do not compare/judge yourself according to the differences in your lives.

Remember that when your parents married, women had less options, people stayed within the confines of their towns (or within 50 miles of said town)for their entire adult lives, the internet did NOT exist.

Also remember that NOT everyone who married at your mom's age is happily married and given the options that you and I have, some of them would have rather waited, explored, worked, fell in and out of love and had their heart broken multiple times before getting married.


Jen said...

You look a lot like your Mom.

By the time my Mom was my age, she had 4 kids and lots of problems. I am happy not to have the problems.

I'm trying to be more positive : )

Anonymous said...

@Karin. My parents just yesterday celebrated Anniversary #46. There have been ups and downs, but they stayed together, unlike most of their friends, who divorced at least once. Congratulations to all of you.