Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long Run #4: Firsts

Facebook status update last Wednesday night at 7:45:
"Karin knows it's dangerous to be thinking about the food to be consumed after the run, rather than focusing on the run. Meh."
Glad that when I set out Saturday morning at 8:30 do 14-plus, I didn't know how ridiculously decadent my (specified & delivered as such) over-medium eggs, non-greasy homefries, seven-grain crusty bread with orange marmalade and Karma coffee were going to be at 11.

Or I might just have skipped the run and gone straight to the grub.

Deluxe Town Diner, Watertown
(Note pot of homemade marmalade ...
no jelly packets in this joint.)

This diner will be back.
(Thanks Random Blog Reader!)

Glad to not have skipped the run (and not only for its calorie-offset benefits), as it came with a bunch of decent firsts.

First loop of Cambridge's Fresh Pond in 5 years.  And first time in about that long that, when pulling even with a fellow (male, 40-something) runner, he noticeably picked up his pace to surge ahead .... until I pulled even with him again .... so he could noticeably pick up his pace to surge ahead, again.  Ego much?

First time to set physical foot in Waltham, Mass, and first visit to Bentley University, the alma mater of several friends. Had I known that getting there from Watertown means gaining 128 feet of elevation over 2 miles up Belmont Street ....  Oh well.  Good for the hamstrings.

First time I followed the painted footprints of the Blue Heron Path.  (Where I will, also, be back.) Took miles 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 in the shade of tall trees, on groomed trails, facing zero traffic, over the Charles River at its narrowest point on bridges like this: 

Mile 12 or so.

First Long Run in which I reached Mile 10 and didn't have a ripping desire to stop.  Didn't feel my knees burning.  And still felt, at 14.5, that I could have kept going. 

Which means the groove from last week is still on track.

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