Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Run #3: Generally content

Can't complain about rising early on a Saturday when the weather is so damn 65-and-partly sunny-and-calm-and-dry fine.

Not griping, either, about the view of the harbor islands and the bay from 3 miles of Wollaston Beach in such conditions.  (Might I also recommend the Lower Neponset River Trail?  Or the quad-busting climb up Adams Street in Milton, if big fat hills are your thing.)

Can't even complain about my knees that generally ached for days after last week's too-long trek through Wellesley ... because they didn't ache today.  Nor about my lack of consistency in comparison: I ran .15 miles more (11.58) in 1 extra minute (1:53) in hillier conditions for an almost identical pace.

Soldier on. Still slow, but as for the training groove starting to jell?  Amen.

To top it, the reward breakfast was sincerely the bomb. Although I would expect nothing less of the Wheelhouse Diner.  Check out this dumptruck-sized portion of home fries (taken from the even larger stockpile at the back of Doug's grill.)

Awesome.  Let's do it again next week.

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Jen said...

Doug is awesome. I love his crude jokes, his pug pictures and his apple aminals. I am a huge Wheelhouse Diner fan. I'd be happy to meet you there sometime.