Friday, August 13, 2010


You know me ... Queen of Cynicism.  Surprised by nothing.  So much never surprised that I would hate to disappoint everyone by admitting that sometimes, I am.

Naw. I'll admit it.  Tonight I got floored.

Just home from Rooftop Thursday with the Michigan folks, chilling on the patio with a bag of popcorn and the Gmail account, and up shows an erstwhile boy who, in April and May, I chatted with enough to matter.  The classic he's-10-years-younger-but-we-have-so-much-in-common type.

(Yes. Mock if you will.)

 We had two Almost Dates.  May was the last failed attempt and we hadn't talked since.
Erstwhile Boy: Hi
K:  Hey there.
EB:  How ya been? Find love yet?
K:  Oh, of course. You?
EB:  No
K:  Come on. It's super easy.
EB:  Nah... Not what I want
K:  Come on. Get a sense of humor
EB: Every girl wants an all or nothing relationship
K:   If I could find love you probably wouldn't be talking to me.  Why so blue?
EB:  Just stressed I think.  When it rains it pours.. I'm tired
Please go back and imprint in your head the dialogue you just read. Reserve it.
K:  What makes you say hi tonight?  It's been awhile.
EB:  I saw you in and I'm hardly ever on.  Trying to quit the Internet
K:  Noble.  Are you in school this summer?
EB:  I think about u often ....  Daydreaming mostly
Our chat pace was slow. About this time I recalled that he also wrote a blog, one pertaining to a major hobby ... and for which the blog is a major catalyst.  The name is unusual enough that I re-found it quickly and started browsing as I simultaneously wrote him about my trip to Europe. He was explaining some of his summer pursuits.

Funny, this, because I was reading about these same pursuits on his blog as he was writing them.  Was also reading a couple of phrases that seemed to be of relative import:
".... while on my honeymoon ..."

".... including my wife ...."
One entry pictured him kissing a woman, and the surrounding text suggested this would be the same said-wife, recently married.  Rather explains why we hadn't talked since May.

Meanwhile, back on Gmail, I had just finished a tale of Europe.
EB: Haha.  Very cool.  I still hope we can get together at some point
Here is me. Thinking maybe I should ask his wife if she would mind if we got together at some point.  Or ask if he remembered he had given me his blog address.

K:  Perhaps.   I'm sure you are quite otherwise occupied.
EB:  I'm pretty busy yes... But.. I still want to get together... Perhaps have some excitement in our lives
Really, really almost said something.  Realized I was too tired to play the devil.  Realized my job was not to fix this man,  but to just not talk to him any more.
K:   Hey, alright, I'm gonna bail.  I'm on the patio and it's cold
EB:   Wish I was there to warm you up
And people wonder sometimes how I could possibly be cynical about dating.  Bald-faced duplicity is just a total hoot. 


Anonymous said...

@Karin. Stiff upper lip, Karin. Mr. Right's still out there somewhere.


Karin said...

@Squig. No, it isn't that I wanted anything from this guy ... other than it is discouraging to see someone talking so loudly from both sides of his mouth. He's newly married and he is writing random, unreachable me at 11:30, instead, saying he hasn't found anyone to love. Sad seems an understatement.

Anonymous said...

@Karin. Pathetic seems more apropo.


Joshua said...

You should post his blog title on yours--serve him right.

jaded said...

ick. i've been in that situation except i found out *after* meeting the guy. ICK. (hence my username!)