Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday (ironically-noted) Fun

For those of you reading the comments others make on these blog entries, might I direct you to Jen's response, on Wednesday, to my list of recent OKCupid correspondees.
"My last OKC conversation began with 'I think you are submissive.' I should have hit the X then."
No offense, Jen, but that's kinda funny. Particularly your follow-up to introduction .... which indicates that maybe you didn't "hit the X then." 

One must have a sense of humor and curiosity to not despair about online dating.

(I know Jen and, on a level she does.)

So ... this site is ripe for some sort of Most Memorable OKC Pick-up Lines, no? 

Of course, we've already mined the depths of the man behind "Down to F***?" .... but there are others.   It is Friday and sunny and I'm not currently dating the men behind any of these.

Note:  in my OKC history I have deleted hundreds of obscene chat requests and much, much silliness .... so do not consider this comprehensive.  These are in no particular order.  Also, I invite you to add your own in the comment section, as long as you recognize that both my parents and grandmother are readers ... and modify appropriately.

"I stalk you a couple times. Then you stalk me a couple of times. What's the next step in the dance again? I forget. And who wears the ear muffs?"

"First, let me say that you are adorable. But, when I caught a glimpse of your calf in your photo, my heart started racing. This probably sounds ridiculous! Hahaha. Whatever."

"I once happened upon an anonymous dating blogger with whom I was about to have a date. One of my goals, though devious, was to make it on her blog."

"Getting in a car with you must be interesting, I am having a hard time imagining a nice girl from the midwest like you yelling and swearing out your car window at people, I'm not so sure I would want to be in the same car with you!"

"What a body on you. Jesus!"

"Do people actually try to regale you with their genital descriptions? Every time i read something like this--men (presumably) behaving like asses--I'm incredulous. I guess I just don't get men contacting me :D"

"if cynicism, being hypocritical towards jaywalking, and snarky sarcastic wit isn't sexy, well, then we are both screwed. or should hang out."

"Ad nauseum??? Whooa.  Its big,it can rock, you'd get shocks and your legs will shiver, when its out you can run off, its the lion of the jungle, he wont stop till you surrender your den. ;)"

"Hi.  I am almost 30 :)"

"You do look kissable, I'd like to kiss you. I'm a writer & part time musician too, some of the stuff I've written is in my journal if you're interested. I work in Southie, you've probably flipped me off before or something."
"You should strongly consider introducing me to your v*****."

"Lotta Lutherans from the Midwest. I'm from Wisconsin; almost as many Lutherans there as Catholics."

"How are you? Im from somerville, a fellow cynic. Maybe we could hate things, together? haha"

"O.K., so you have the most interesting profile on this site. Big deal :)"

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Random Blog Reader said...

Here are some of my all-time favorites:

I was really bored and decided to browse all these ads on this website and thought to myself .Wow. Look at all these lonely, depressed, and desperate women.. Then, I came across yours and thought....Wow. This is a lonely, depressed, and desperate woman
that is actually CUTE!. Haha, I.m just kidding. But I am messaging you hoping more interesting than your picture! Get back to me!

Hi. I am 52. I am sorry for wasting your time. I am fit at 6-1 and 170, but I'm 52. I will in Newton, and I know Cambridge very well. Thanks for reading this.

The coolest thing about marrying a jewish girl would be the wedding bands ..I am my beloved and my beloved is mine,you really cant get away with that unless the women is jewish (the jewish script)...... not a pick up line or a proposal just making small talk.. :)