Sunday, August 29, 2010

Long Run #6: Slow pain

A recipe for almost letting a run defeat you:

1) Don't get on the trail until 5:28 at night when it's hot .... like 85 degrees hot.

2)  Feel like crap:  Tense shoulders. Headache.  Calf muscles that hate you for no reason.

3) Unwittingly choose a route that forces you uphill, without break, for the first 8 miles.

4)  Miss the turnoff for planned loop out to the Mystic River at mile 6 and don't realize for another 2, inspiring fear of getting lost and forcing the dreaded and often numbing "out-and-back" on the same trail.

5) Starting at the 34th minute, check watch every 2 minutes.  Sometimes every 1.  If the run is to be 160 minutes, it could be the most times you've checked your watch in your entire career.  It doesn't matter; do it.


Having survived the experience, what made this run on these heavier-than-thou legs NOT defeat me were the exact qualities that made the first 8 miles excrutiating.

1) Leaving at 5:28 meant that the temperature was headed down rather than up.  So the last 45 minutes were in a cool dusk.

2) Missing the turn at mile 6 meant I spent the whole 16-plus miles on the Minuteman Bikeway.  Which is 95 percent under tree canopy.

3) Out-and-back when the first 8 miles are uphill means that the second 8 will be downhill.

4) There is zero problem getting at stool at the Rosebud Diner in Davis Square on a Saturday night.  I didn't have to worry about post-run aroma smoking out fellow diners, at all.

Dining companions.
6) A diner meal at breakfast does not always include a BLT triple-decker club, saucy potato salad and Harpoon UFO .... which, when consumed simultaneously, will save the experience from ruin.

And the name of the waitress (at left) was ... Karen.

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