Saturday, August 21, 2010

Long Run #5: Routine

Route I've done before.

Friday late not Saturday early.

No diner on either side.  (Power Bar and bag of almonds before, handfuls of Kashi GoLean after, standing outside the Star Market on Ring Road.)

Sorry for deviating from the regularly-scheduled adventure.  With a morning flight to Minneapolis (argh, 6 hours from now), had to choose something I could jog with my eyes closed, that could be accomplished on 5 hours' sleep and a slogging day at work:

Boston University, to Boston College, to circle Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and home on the marathon route.

Routine or not, exhausted or not, I'll take it .... a run is a run is a long run.  Done. No injuries. And another ascent of another monster hill to build character in the hamstrings.  (Yes. Thanks, Comm Ave outbound for Kicking. My. Ass. and for being there right there at mile 4 as the setting sun beat into my face.)

Made chicken for supper when I got home ... but I do miss me my diner reward.

Next week:  maybe Kelly's in Ball Square?

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Joshua said...

I'm running in a very limited way these days, but I LOVE tracking my runs.