Thursday, July 29, 2010


Amongst all the (fruitless? time-sucking? addictive? insert your own adjective?) instant-messaging with HBI this past week, I keep forgetting to mention that I have actually been out, meeting people in the flesh.

(No dates, no.  But thanks for not asking.)

This largesse comes compliments of L, a girlfriend from church choir.   In early July, she sent notice to her e-mail list:
"Rooftop Thursdays have arrived!! What better way to enjoy Boston summer nights than from the many rooftop bars across town!  Please join me for fun and drinks for the next six Thursdays at 7PM."
Followed by a list of 6 relatively desirable locations, 5 of which I had never before patronized:  Atlantic Beer Garden (Seaport District of South Boston), The Baseball Tavern (Fenway), Daedalus (Harvard Square), Market (Downtown), and Fiore (North End).

(Woman after my own heart, making the fun come to her!)

A couple Thursdays ago I arrived at the first location (The Rattlesnake on Boylston) to find L and a whole stable of friends from the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Greater Boston.  And you have to understand 3 truths about Michigan alums in Boston:  they are plentiful in number, they are no strangers to socialization, and both "fun" and "beer" is somewhere in their mission statement. 

Last Thursday at Atlantic, at what seems to be the most happening place on the waterfront.  (e.g. a slow-moving, serious bouncer line ....  for Happy Hour, no lie. Crazy.)  I met another dozen Michiganders on yet another moonlit night.  Of course, most are of that "enthusiastic alumni age" of 28 .... but again, not complaining.  The first guy I encountered bought a round for the 5 folks in his immediate vicinity, including me.  One girl and I went nuts discussing yoga.  Talked about knee injuries and running with a guy named Mike, before giving him advice on what to put on an online dating profile.  Talked about international education opportunities with another Mike.  Hedge funds with Brian ... the guy who bought the first round.   Stood with the entire group and cheered "wingman-style" for 2 girls crossing the roof to do a cold pick-up of 2 guys in suit jackets.

I'm excited, now, for tonight.  It's 90 degrees. I need to do a 6-miler, after which a beer or 3 would be welcome.   Might actually encounter some repeat friends, since L's reminder e-mail today noted that "13 of you have perfect attendance ;)...keep up the good work."

Certainly planning on doing just that.

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