Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cease whining

Bull by the horns.
Dropped 3
E-mails to 3
Favorite guys of previous
Good repute, asking each to (at least think about)
Having a drink this weekend,
If possible, with me.
Just didn't say I have no other plans, really,
(Keeping clean the facade of being cooler and
Less available than I really am.)
Maybe we could watch the Spain/
Netherlands final on Sunday, I asked the sports-minded one.
Or, I teased the second,
Perhaps this is the weekend to
Quaff that beer we talked about quaffing back in June.
Really, the third is
Someone I've quaffed dozens of beers with,
10 times out of 12 during last call on a weeknight,
Usually followed by further hijinks.
We'll see who bites.

(I'm skipping XY & Z, sorry, and just showing you the Charles River skyline that I'm going to head and run with right now before the sun drops.

It's been too long.

And besides.  I'm a better runner than poet.)

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