Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Number 7

The Top 7 Reasons to celebrate registering for my 7th marathon:

7.  It's Philadelphia, the other birthplace of our nation. Enough said.

6.  Deep deep deep down in my soul .... I have missed Saturday 8 a.m. long runs.

5.  The chance to discover if Saturday 8 a.m. long runs in September could possibly be more enjoyable than those in January and Feburary.

4.  My bikini will, simply, fit better.

3.  I can eat everything I want (and more) for the next 4 months and still, my bikini will, simply, fit better.

2.  I can also, perhaps, convince myself that I can stay healthy and stay focused and maybe, after all this time, run a Boston Qualifier time.

1. My new nephew may very well arrive on Race Day.

(Very, very cool.)

1 comment:

Tashia said...

congrats to your whole family! Hadn't heard the news yet!