Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Live Blog: 5:34 action on the OKC

Tomorrow I'm going to write the stellar post I intended to write today.

While pursuing said intention to the OKC website a few moments ago,  in order to reference clips off an old IM chat, who else says hi .... but your normal, everyday pursuer of 37-year-old women in Boston .... the 21-year-old college student from Cerritos, California ... using all his charm and more.
Cerritos Boy: hello, do you like big d***
And, as always, I try to provide a public service not only for Cerritos Boy, but for all the women he might go forth and meet. 
Karin:  No.
CB:  why not?
K:  Because that is a stupid-a** pick-up line.
This boy suggests, via his profile, that he considers himself "intellectual."  Blood is evidently flowing elsewhere, at present, impairing brain function.
CB: if i showed you my d*** it won't be.  10 inches of power
Pause (mine).  Blunter tactics obviously called for.
K:  Unreal.
CB:  what do you mean?
K:  I just suggested that was a stupid pick-up line.  You showing it to me would not make a difference.
CB:  yeah it would, i bet you will like it

K:  Hm. You are in denial as to my disinterest.
Now the pause was his.
CB:  oh ok sorry
K:  Just a bit more subtlety might get you a bit more luck.
CB:  its hard to control this thing
K:  I'd recommend trying.
CB:  i will
I'm almost tempted to check back with him in a few days to see if he did.


Justin said...

Somehow I think a PSA will be lost on Cerritos Boy....

I'm guessing here, but he perhaps has the perfect pick up line for what he is looking for.... And... I'm also guessing that this dude has no interest in actually meeting ANY woman from OKC.

Closing out a chat window is sometimes a much stronger statement that words. Just sayin'

Karin said...

@Justin. You discount the reality that for every IM chat I write about, I close out 20 chat windows from unsolicited suitors of inapproriate age, location, or humanity.

Some days I just want to get a rise (and not that kind of rise) out of guys like him. It's a good challenge.