Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RIP Cottonwood Cafe

I know there are many not-so-pleasant things going on in the world.  (Another BP "solution."  Stupid terrorists killing football fans in Uganda.  Boston's day 250 of heat and humidity followed by torrential downpoursHugh Hefner taking Playboy private.  Friends with seriously ill parents.  Add your own.)

Yet I find myself most aggrieved this morning to find out that my Cheers, my chips and 4 salsas repository, my brunch haven, my site of more Choir Boys romance confessions than any other Boston spot -- the Cottonwood Cafe at 222 Berkeley Street -- is, plainly, gone.

Gutted, actually.  Tables and chairs shipped out. Ditto for the potted cactus sculpture. Carpet pulled up.  Bar panelling torn down to the 2x4s.  Sign on the door saying, "The Cottonwood Cafe is closed." 

Since when?

Not fair.  Not fair at all for my regular hangout to not tell me it is closing and close while I'm on vacation. To not allow for one more seafood paella.  One more argument between Balint and the waiter on how a medium-rare Ranch Burger should be properly prepared.  One more round of Sam Summer.  One more tequila and tears on a Wednesday night, late.

Karin & the Choir Boys at the Cottonwood
post 3-beer fiesta,
for Michael's going-to-grad-school shindig.  (June 2008)

There are undoubtedly 150 other restaurants in the Back Bay alone that do better guacamole and have a cooler vibe or have cheaper beers.  And undoubtedly the Choir Boys and I will figure out where one of them are. 

But I'm telling you now ... we don't have to like it


Jen said...

We need to have a parting drink over the demise of the Cottonwood.

It's been a shitty couple of weeks in my book and this tops it off.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! i found yours through the back end of my site. Apparently some of my traffic came through referral links on yours. Thanks so much!

Good luck out there. ;)

Brandi said...

Maybe they'll come back somewhere nearby. The website said the lease expired and they are looking for a new location. But that doesn't mean it won't be in Newton, either.