Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I know I said I would make the effort not to be a Single Girl Whining About Love Life Issues.


One of my least favorite things about being single is that a tour of my bed more often than not reveals my laptop, an outdated New Yorker, at least one cat (usually with rear end on my pillow), a popsicle wrapper, and me. Very rarely, lately, another human being. And even then, not usually one I'm able to sleep comfortably next to.

So yeah. I kind of miss having a human bed buddy.

My old theater friend, Fran, luckily, was reading my mind this morning. Now an LA-based singer-songwriter, she posted this link on Facebook about how when a guy doesn't show up when he said he would, she makes do with cookies. And then, eventually, how she realizes she might prefer the latter to the former.

Other than thinking that Keebler Elves have cornered the market on sexy, I can relate.

I like to make the best of a shit situation.
I used to wash it down with a tasty libation
But now I've found another way around
My single bed and its cold and lonely covers.
I can warm it up without your smothering arms around.
Here's a little trick I've found.

I'm eating cookies in bed 'til you come over
Crumblin' up the sheets 'til you roll me over
You're sweet, but not like my cookies.
I'm eating cookies in bed without a lover
Lickin' up the chocolate beneath the covers
You're sweet, but not like my cookies.

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Anonymous said...

@Karin. For me, peanut butter and crackers. Love the vid.