Monday, May 2, 2011

May Monday

Got home last night at midnight, grabbed a popsicle and turned on my computer to see the announcement that American forces had killed Osama bin Laden. Woke up today to the blanket coverage on the BBC and NPR on the clock radio. Got to work by 9, to find the New York Times (hard copy edition, sitting in Starbucks in Boston) featured upwards of 100 articles on the subject, all produced in the early hours.

(The scope and speed of the reaction by the public -- and the journalists and politicos, for that matter -- is almost as impressive as the raid.)

Anything I did this weekend (ran a relatively fast 10K, for example) or will do this week (help open this pretty awesome show) will pale in comparison to this news. In 10 years this weekend will matter .... although it will not because I scrubbed my bedroom windows on a Saturday evening or had a Guinness at Foley's (still the best poured Guinness around, IMO) with someone other than C-2 at 2 a.m. Sunday or came to a realization that I really do enjoy talking to Piano Man but we are probably just going to be phone buddies and I'm totally OK with it.

It's a beautiful sunny morning that feels like spring. It's set to be a busy day at the office. It'll be a busy night of rehearsal, again. It's all good.
Day 1 of 31: 6.2 miles
May Total: 6.2
2011 Total:  218.4

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