Friday, May 27, 2011

Hiatus (brief)

Hey y'all.

I'm taking this opportunity to take few days off from blogging, because I'm going to Minnesota for the weekend to become this kid's godmother.

Oliver - 5 mos

I might have so much fun with my family I might never come back.

But, most likely, I will have plenty of fun with my family and will, thusly, emerge refreshed just in time for my next post here ..... which will be #800. That's 8x100. By the law of bloggerly obligation, a period of pre-writing contemplation is required to give this eight-century post its necessary gravitas. It will be epic.

Or, it might just be another picture of Oliver .... with me in it too.

Enjoy your memorializing. See you on the other side.


Anonymous said...

@Karin. Enjoy.

Jen said...

Such a cutie!