Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sox in the morning

It was into the wee hours this morning when I arrived home after rehearsal. Ravenous and wound-up, I grabbed microwave popcorn and settled crosslegged on my bed with a bottle of Smithwicks to check e-mail. No sooner had I checked in than so did my cross-country friend:

1:18 AM
C-2: Dude, you watching the Sox game???
Karin: ....ah, no....just got home from rehearsal. It's pouring here.
C-2: We just tied the game -- after going into the bottom of the 9th down 3 to 1.Top of the 10th now

A much-rain-delayed seven-hour game loss to the Angels. Together, 1000 miles apart, C-2 and I watched it. He via live stream on;  me, via the same site's slower pitch-by-pitch version. When I explained I wasn't going to pay $99 for a subscription to the live feed, he replied:

1:26 AM
C-2:  go to foleys, silly
K:  Ugh. I should. I just biked home from Central Square wearing a skirt. In the rain.
C-2:  hot
K:  YOU should go to Foley's.
C-2:  perhaps i will
me: Good. You can pick me up. I don't feel like moving my car...
C-2: ok.  wait there
K: With bated breath, of course.

Eventually we shut down the flirtation and began to play-by-play. Some sample exchanges:

1:35 AM
C-2:  bottom of 10th
K: Indeed. Who's coming up?
C-2:  well, sadly NOT gonzales cause we took him out for a pinch runner in the 8th

1:39 AM
K: Youk!
C-2:  :)

1:43 AM
C-2: nice! lowrie double
runners on 2nd and 3rd
K: Full count....
Followed by a strike-out.
C-2: f***.
brb, gonna go smoke

2:02 AM  - Bottom of the 11th
C-2:  They're playing again in 11.5 hours
K:  Ellsbury homer.  I'm calling it.
Ellsbury strikes out.

2:05 AM
C-2:  maybe in the 13th or 14th
K:  Oh well. At least by then their pitching staff will be depleted, too, so the chances are better.
C-2:   hey, maybe the game will go right up to the next one! they just won't stop!
K:  What is the record for most consecutive innings?
C-2:  a LOT.  Dice K is warming up
K:  ? Really ?  You mean, for his start later today?
C-2:  yeah. haah. no

2:11 AM
K:  Torii's my man from MN....Used to go watch him.
C-2:  The fans are taunting him.  (Well, the 100 fans left)
K:  Oy, and he's going to get walked...
C-2:  he did.  grr
K:  This guy should be a cinch.
C-2:  sweet.  he was.
K:  You see everything about 5 seconds faster than it registers for me....
C-2:   :)

2:21 AM  - Bottom of the 12th
C-2:  oh f***  f*** f*** f*** f***   your guy was thrown out at the plate
K:  F*** is right.  Trying to get home from first?
C-2:  wow wow wow error.   runners at first and third.  F***  grounded out.  and we go to the 13th
K:  I need another beer.
C-2:  me too.  but i have none.

In the end we could have used the second beers. The Angels loaded the bases, put in 2 runs in the top of the 13th and that was all she wrote, at 2:45.

I share this exchange after being struck, again, how even in distance and with his girlfriend, C-2 and I just get along better than most. I have a show opening tomorrow night and staying up an extra 2 hours to chat a game in real time is not necessary. But it was fun without effort....something that's rare.

Of course I would have preferred to be at Foley's, watching it with him and I wasn't. But I'll take the comfort as a sign our friendship has legs, despite the distance.


Anonymous said...

Realizing this wasn't the main theme of the posting, but when the Sox play the Twinkees,who are you cheering for?

Karin said...

@Anonymous. So I have 2 Twins' caps and 1 Sox cap. And 2 Sox T-shirts. I've been to Fenway 4 times to see the Twins/Sox play each other and I think each team has won twice.

So that's all to say without really saying it ... I'd cheer for the Twins first anyday. If nothing, out of nostalgia and to occasionally see the obnoxious Sox fan get a superiority check. ;-)