Monday, May 23, 2011

Looking on the bright side (I guess)

From my latest ongoing e-mail conversation with Piano Man:

Piano Man:  here's that Demidenko guy whose "in dir" you liked so much:

Karin: Thanks. I like this guy, I think, because he's a little less frantic than Jacobs but a little more expressive than others. I'll have to hold off re-playing it at work. The girl who sits next to me is very sweet, although she mentioned on Friday that Bach piano and organ pieces "make her sad" and she was wondering if I could listen to other things...

PM: one word: earphones.

K: I've done headphones at work and it drives me nuts. It did remind me, on a level, it's OK to listen to something other than Bach on occasion....

PM: It is indeed ok. For instance, do you know the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante (violin, viola, orch.)? Awesome.

K: In a quest to find something different, I did remember that I like Pomplamoose. Found a bunch of youtube channels of them.

PM: chick music. ;)

K: Yeah. I'm a chick, I guess.

PM: I think so... *scratches head*

K: I don't really know how to take that.

PM: Well, why not just take it the best way possible?

Good answer.


Anonymous said...

Billy Joel is the only piano man!

Anonymous said...

@Karin. Thanks again for the musical posts.