Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Porridge just right

I'll confess. I took Elle magazine's "Are You Too Picky?" dating quiz on my lunch break, ostensibly to "find out whether my standards are too high (or too low)."  Ten questions were asked, each offering 4 possible replies -- marked as (A) for the least picky and (D) for the most.

The breathless results...

1) How long ago was your last serious relationship? Your imaginary affair with Robert Pattinson? Still hot and heavy. (D)
(PS. He's 24 and looks as if the Hair Gel Monster attacked him. But there was no option for "never have had one, I think"....)
2) Your new guy picks you up at 8 P.M. You look fabulous! Then he takes you to…McDonald’s. You’ll have to find a sugar daddy on the side for this to work. (D)

3) You’ve always dreamed of having two kids. Of your own. Then your new beau drops a bomb: He has three rug rats from a previous relationship. The more the merrier! Hello, The Brady Bunch is your all-time favorite show! (A)

4) You love international travel more than anything. But he has a fear of flying. Suggest he get therapy. (C)

5) You meet a blind date at a bar. Things are going great! Then he stands up and you realize he’s only 5'2". Fine with you as long as he’s not threatened. (C)

6) Your idea of a deal-breaker is when a guy: Is still pining for his ex. (B)

7) Your last love interest most closely resembled: Paul Rudd. (C)
(PS. Actually true ... except Sunday Night Man sported a receding hairline....)
8) Your friends think your new suitor is a cad. What’s a girl to do? Keep dating him, but make sure you don’t blow them off. (C)
(PS. Cad? What's a cad?)
9) Education is important. Your ideal match earned his sheepskin at: A “public Ivy.” (C)

10) You think that most Kate Hudson rom-coms: Are fun to watch but a tad unrealistic. (B)

My score came by tallying the number of like-lettered to each response: 1 (A), 2 (B)s, 2 (D)s, and 5 (C)s. Which, you might rightly infer, in any measure, makes me perfectly average.

According to Elle, however, a prevalence of "Mostly (C)s" suggests:
"Congratulations! You’re showing discretion but keeping your expectations realistic."
Who knew?!

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