Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grateful (VII)

I've been busy, doing musicals and work and such.  Balint has been busy... composing hymn arrangements for brass, changing apartments, buying pianos ... and he just returned from 10 days in Hungary, too. We hadn't talked in 2 weeks.

I was thusly glad that, while saying hi after this morning's church service, he suggested we go to Newbury Street for sushi. If you have the time, Sunday afternoons are meant for friends and a picturesque street full of blooming trees and tulips. The sun shone warm. A breeze blew cool. I was wearing cuffed-up jeans and hoodie, he his Sunday suit. The prospect of lunch spurred our walk and absence from each other, occurring while so much else had been going on in our respective lives, made conversation nearly as animated. Story followed story followed story. Him, me, him, me.

We had just passed Church of the Covenant when Balint turned and, appropos of nothing, remarked,
"When I think of why I like Boston and all the great things about it, I've come to realize that what really makes me like being here is friends like you.  So don't ever leave!"
I must remember moments like this in those other moments when my soul is not willing to be nearly so grateful.

Life can be good.
Day 7 of 31:  1.1 miles
Day 8 of 31:  8.0 miles
May Total:  21.48
2011 Total:  233.68

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