Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dateline: Orlando 06/02/11

6:30 p.m.....the best part of the business trip.


Anonymous said...

From 'sota to Orlando. Definitely a nice change of pace. . . Enjoy and relax. Off to Lake Mead for me tomorrow. They are saying it is suppose to rise 20-30 feet with all the snow in the mountains of Colorado. We will just have to see.

Karin said...


Well, anything that covers the bathtub ring can't be a bad thing, can it? Too bad that's the only place in the US still wishing for extra groundwater.

It's a busy week, yes. Four flights, two major life events in my immediate friend/family circle, and one flat tire enroute to western NH. Kinda ready for some home-base R&R.