Saturday, June 4, 2011

Joshua's getting married!

Michigan boy
Loping down my street
In the Fenway
That sunny July Sunday
Eleven years ago.

A memorable August.

Watching Al Gore get the nomination.
Discovering Bacardi shots.
Dancing every night
(or so we recall now).

Since then:

Shooting more shots
(most often tequila)
Dancing some more
Moving away
Moving back
Studying a lot more
Talking about dates
Political ranting
Drinking more
Singing more
Moving away again
And finally back
for good
With a job that's a Job.

Happy day.

Today is another such day.
A new day, really, since
The boy is getting married on it.

The last time we talked
we theorized our friendship
had no reason to change after today.

I'm going to hold him to that theory.
And wish them both the very best.

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