Wednesday, June 29, 2011

...and it's only Wednesday

It's been quite the week.

So far:

1) The New Yorker acknowledges online dating on the same day that I get a message from an OKC guy calling himself "Guy Noir."

2) Meteorologists acknowledge the following extended weather forecast for the Boston area:
Saturday, July 2: Beach Weather
Sunday, July 3: Beach Weather
Monday, July 4: Beach weather.
3)   I acknowledge that the Marine Corps Marathon is 17.75 weeks away, and if I'm going to do an 18-week training plan I'd better start running, even if it is Beach Weather.

4) Biking to work today, circling around on Trinity Place towards the Stuart Street Starbucks, I nearly knock over House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio (dressed in a golf shirt and emerging from a town car), relieved the state troopers flanking him didn't think I was doing it on purpose.

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