Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Happy

Last September, Claudia and I had way more fun than allowed in singing along to "American Pie" with the Boston Pops during their free anniversary concert in the Common.  To wit:

Yesterday I randomly re-encountered this song via YouTube; it's gone viral so you've probably already seen it.  Seems the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, created a 9-minute single-tracking-shot version of the McLean original, featuring thousands of the city's residents lip-syncing along.

Screw men. I'm totally in love with this song and, by extension, Grand Rapids. I get so happy watching this it makes me (almost) want to move there.


Heidi said...

That is happy! And showed a lot of Grand Rapids... I feel like I've been there now.

Karin said...

@Heidi. I know. I see how it could totally have been cheesy and for some reason it's moving. The sight of the earnest sweater vest boy, at 7.54, as he's running into the sparkler smoke to watch the helicopter take off...I get choked up every time.