Friday, October 22, 2010

Too complicated?

Dear readers, you have long heard tales about men on OKC or who need to either tell me about or show me photos of their penises. 

I often wonder (and should I ask in the future?) if they are clueless as to how blasé I (and I would assume most women on most dating sites) consider such attention.  If you are a woman and have allowed any iota of flirtation into your online profile, men approaching you with what's in their pants is a fact of the matter.

About a year ago I attempted to hit the attention head on with cheekiness, making this the last line of my OKC profile.
"You should message me if ... You have yet to convince yourself that the coolest thing ever would be to tell me ad nauseum about your genitalia, and you don't think I'm trying to impress you by using big words to talk about something so basic."
When men read this and respond in a way that makes me think they get the joke, I'm reminded of why I bothered to write it.

Then I get responses like today, which make me wonder if I'm just confusing the issue.

"My man bits are sesquipedalian(And even the OKC spell checker is choking on that!)

"I think that was the way you wanted to be messaged -- or at least that what I got from your rather odd "Message me" requirements. I had to reread it a few times to be sure.....

"Not to judge, but how long have you had this fetish for guys talking about their private parts with long words?"


Random Blog Reader said...

Well, considering the guys who are describing their genitalia are not using the "big brain" for thinking at that moment, big words are too much to process. Perhaps something along these lines would be better: "If you insist on sending me pictures or talking about your penis, you will be labeled 'pathetic' and I will mock you to my friends and possibly on my blog." Then again, some guys are so clueless that they'll see that as a challenge. Hmm. There's probably no way around it.

Karin said...


Yes. Spot-on assessment. I appreciate that. It's nice to have comrades in the pit of silliness.

I did write this dude back to suggest that maybe he didn't _quite_ get the gist of my remark. He replied:

"I loved the onamonapistic nature of sesquipedalian -- it's a foot and a half long word that sounds like (and even means) "foot and a half long word."

So it turned into a vocab lesson. Which is some ways is a plus in the big picture.