Thursday, October 21, 2010


Sometimes you feel like a nut  .... sometimes you don't.

Sometimes you feel like blogging ....sometimes you don't.

Like today, I don't.

Dude, I'm just tired. It's the end of the third quarter, and I've been aerobically stapling and stuffing envelopes for 9 hours.

I've been sitting here the last 85 minutes trying to summon some small mojo to go out in the dark and run ... and the minutes keep ticking by and I haven't gone out and the hour does not get any earlier.

Then, there are the 2 baskets of dirty laundry waiting in my bedroom. And my bike with flat tire, sitting upside down on my living room rug.

And then I'm thinking about the continued aerobic staple-and-stuff routine tomorrow, ending with a 3-hour choir rehearsal followed by another one just like it on Saturday with that Long Run #14 sandwiched somewhere in there too.

And, how much more of a schmuck could I be?  I didn't mail my grandma's birthday card until the day after her birthday.

Oy.  It's kinda been like this all week.

This morning I was reading my friend Fran's blog (as you should too) to discover she was kinda in the same mood:
"I'm not having enough fun lately. Is anybody having a lot of fun? I mean laughing their asses off? Or feeling exhilarated? Or surprised? Or delighted? Or dancing the night away? Is anybody meeting the fun quotient in their lives?

Maybe mine is just abnormally impossible to meet or something. I don't know. Maybe my fun standards are too high. But lately I sort of feel like a whiny adult wishing I was a kid again and could just have some old fashioned fun!

This is what most of my days and nights are spent doing: sleeping, working, thinking, worrying, talking to other adults about life and problems, playing music (because I should), trying to pay bills, watching some stupid tv, and getting into bed thinking about stuff I should have done. Where is the fun in that? Is being a responsible adult really this sucky?"
Amen, sister.

But I was pleased to see that one of her best friends (and one of my past acquaintances) Lauren was having none of Fran's (self-said) whining, coming onto the comments section to say:
"Here's my Top Ten list of FUN grown-up things that don't involve drinking or spending too much money:

1) Bake some cookies from scratch. Eat a couple right off the pan, while they're still gooey. Then pack up the rest in baggies, tie them with ribbons, and surprise your friends and co-workers with little gifts. They will smile. You will smile. FUN!"
Woah.  No need to go on to number 2, Lauren.
The marathon is exactly 30 days from today and I probably can't skip the run. 
But maybe the laundry and the flat tire and the fear of my next 48 hours can go suck themselves and instead I'll just buy some chocolate chips on the way home.

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