Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend observations

1) Don't buy cheap cat litter in bulk.

2) Whoever (yeah you, Joshua) said Brett Favre will either take you to the mountaintop or to the pit of despair and nowhere in between should be hailed as a great sage, especially if he grew up as a cheesehead.

3) A flat tire on a bike is markedly less expensive to fix than a flat tire on the car, so it might be considered irresponsible to have driven the car with the leaky tires around town a half-dozen times while the bike with the already flat tire remained parked, upside-down, on the living room rug.

4) It's official:  chocolate chip cookie dough tastes better raw than cooked.

4b) It admittedly might be considered irresponsible to buy a 32-ounce bag of chocolate chips the night before baking the cookies, rather than the night of, when the baker has a documented ability to eat at least half a bag of chocolate chips in a single setting.

4c) Fifteen spoonfuls of raw chocolate chip cookie dough a half bag of chocolate chips do not constitute adequate nutrition either before or after an 11-mile run.

5) Saturday morning's 11-mile run was lots and lots of fun!

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