Sunday, October 31, 2010

Super scary...

....or, just one of those meddling kids.

Decided to be "sporty Velma" after discovering that no retailer in Boston sells red mini-skirts after Labor Day.  And that no retailer anywhere sells rust orange knee highs, ever.  And that I look really busty in a tight turtleneck.  And that red Chucks are cheaper than red Mary Janes.

As my mother would say .... these are all pieces one could wear again.

The party was chock full of interesting guests (none who realized who I was dressed as -- although several guessed "autumn?"-- and them having to ask started many a conversation) and, as a bonus, featured the host's homemade Altbier, three pints of which went down So. Smoothly.


If I'm allowed in my life to have one good Halloween, I'd say this one is allowed to count as that.


Anonymous said...

I understand your pain at finding red miniskirts after Labor Day. There is a reason I was wearing a piece of green cloth wrapped around me, rather than a tube dress like the real Marge. (But, as far as making one's own clothes go, a shapeless green strapless dress is about as easy of a goal as I could ask for!)

Glad you had fun! ;-)


Anonymous said...

@Karin. Happy to read that you enjoyed.