Friday, October 1, 2010

No place like home

You might recall back in April that I decided to give up buying coffee in public this year.

Um ....right. My dozen or more Starbucks Black Eyes in August alone officially make this ploy for self-control, while not quite an epic FAIL, a noble idea perhaps ungrounded (ha!) in reality.

I'll give this though: I definitely do not buy coffee out as much as I did before April. The grinder in my kitchen is currently stocked with 365 Everyday Value beans from Whole Foods and 5 out of 7 mornings I brew a pot and drink from it.

This, though, was not one of those mornings. Short sleep night. Awoken (much later than planned) to condo construction (in the backhoe-scraping-on-concrete phase) through the patio window and hot, humid wind blowing through the front.  Not wanting or willing to bike to and from work through an approaching tropical storm, subjected myself to the equal joys (a.k.a. slow torture) of the #9. 

This kind of morning calls for Dunkin' Donuts Turbo Ice with an extra shot.  On my way to the bus stop I hit up the nearest location at the corner of Dot and Broadway. And as I stood in line, glazed and dazed, the woman behind the cash register saw me and yelled out (because in Southie you must yell):
"Where have you been? We never see you in here anymore!"
Ah, beautiful.  Even if I once again broke my fiscal pledge, being missed by my neighborhood coffee counter more than makes up for the guilt.

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Anonymous said...

@Karin. A real world version of "Cheers". So cool.