Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm a wimp.

Last night after work I had a rehearsal. 

Then I ran 5.38 miles.

Then Balint and I and another friend went to the Cactus Club on Boylston to share 2 pitchers of the house margaritas (their website is and eat fajitas and quesadillas until our stomachs stretched and our minds eased from pre-dinner stress levels. 

Then I rode the bus home and checked in on OKC because, hey, I was scheduling a coffee date (yes, indeed!) and my potential date and I had not yet (probably wisely) moved beyond e-mail exchanges on the site.

While performing this innocent task of communicating with said potential date which coffee shop to meet at tonight after work, I get "hey! it's been forever! how are ya!" IMs from:
1) So Busy He's Wildly Sporadic Man   Yeah, the one who fell asleep both times we made out and then disappeared, but now shows up every couple months to tell me he misses our times together.
2) Stand-Up Comedian  Yeah, the one who, 29 months after our second date, still wants me to get over him being a George W. Bush Republican and give him another chance since we're both still single and not finding anyone so, hey, why not?
So re-read the first paragraph and note the detail about having split a couple pitchers of margaritas with my friends, and don't be surprised that, despite multiple previous efforts to pointedly ignore these re-inquiries, last night I decided to not be rude.

(Yes, squigkato, fool me for the twenty-seven-hundreth time....)

And yes, last night, both men asked me out again. 

And yes, I didn't agree to go out with either of them.


Since I had replied less as a means of interest and more in the interest of not being rude (and maybe helped by the tequila), I found it impossible to be blunt.  Instead, as he (respectively) mooned over our previous "cuddling" and noted fondly his memory of my legs, I deflected  the compliments with a tone of disinterest.  Kind of hoping each would get the hint and go to off to bed so I wouldn't have to be any more obvious about saying no.

And each eventually did.


Why am I such a wimp?


Anonymous said...

This smacks less of wimpery and more of ego, to be honest.

Karin said...


You're probably right. With a dose of jadedness thrown in.

Anonymous said...

@Karin. It speaks well of your character. No harm, no foul.