Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How dare I ....

.... let National Unmarried & Single Americans Week (Sept 19-25) pass by without a mention in this space.

(I have no excuse either.  Friend A sent me the link to a Wall Street Journal article while it was still going on two weeks ago. Mea culpa! I'm just now reading that there are 88 unmarried men 18 and older for every 100 unmarried women in the United States.)

Indeed, also, did anyone here know before tonight of a group called "Unmarried America: an information service for the new unmarried majority" that offers unsolicited legal counsel, among other advice, for singles?

Or that, according to, "there is no shame in being single?"   This same site also informs me of a lifestyle blog for unmarried women (catchphrase: "revel in life's magic and feel truly fulfilled...") that also hosts the "Annual Blog Crawl for National Unmarried and Single Americans Week."

Where was I during all of this besides running, working, not sleeping and going on dates?

(Not mocking. Not endorsing. Just noting, I promise.)

(Yes, I'm working on my cynicism.)

My favorite coverage of NU&SAW comes via the cheekiest blog on the radar, New York Magazine's Daily Intel.  Its September 21 entry is the only bit of hoopla that didn't make me feel I have to be either self-satisfied or forcibly empowered:
Hey Singletons!
Did anyone tell you this is our week? Thanks to the noble efforts of the Buckeye Singles Council of Ohio back in the eighties, this entire week the country comes together to celebrate us! Us and our meaningless sexcapades! Us and our boundless freedom! Us and our disavowal of the prescribed path! Although in years past all that untethered energy may have led us down the winding, John Mayer–strewn road from LiLo to Jennifer Aniston, this year it's going to be totally different, we can tell.
Bottom's up!
xoxo, Intel
That's more like it.

How about some Kool & the Gang, on me, while we're at it.

xoxo, Karin

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