Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Missing: mojo (Found: something else)

Wow.  My blogging mojo is nowhere to be found this week.

I'd like to suggest that, just like the onset of allergies, the feeling is attributable to the true onset of fall .... which since Sunday has meant fog, rain, rinse, repeat and looks like this out my workplace window:

Might just be lazy.  Or tired and cranky. 

Or I might just be using excess brain cells, instead, to beat the everloving Guinness out of C-2 in Facebook Scrabble for like the first time ever.

Yeah.  I've given up thinking I'll ever see him in person again, even as he's been unusually loyal in annihilating my word-making ego these past months.  It bodes well that the losses currently sting more than the not seeing him in person .... which I'd call personal progress.

Below I give you our recent games and names for them, so that you might note the progression from bad to worse to bad to better ..... to Oh. My. God. How. Good. Does. It. Feel. To. Finally. Win.:

Yes, I Enjoy Losing (named by Karin)
C-2:  356   K:  273

Again? (K)
C-2:  379   K:  285

Another Chance to Lose! (named by C-2)
(and was it ever)
C-2:  445   K:  308

American League! (C-2)
(after he thought I didn't know what league the Sox played in)
C-2:  414    K:  284
(a vicious pummeling due to his jealousy of my Sox dugout seats that night)

In Lieu of Guinness  (K)
C-2:  381   K:  302

Life's a Bitch and Then ... (K)
(closer still!)
C-2:  370  K:  303

Still in Lieu of Guinness (K)
K:  373    C-2:   370
(That's right.  Won by building a double word score off his last play and gaining the 2 remaining points from his leftover tiles. The equivalent of a Hail Mary pass after the other team throws a turnover.)

Which is why I named our current game:

F***ing Sweet.

Which I'm currently winning.

So there.  Again.)

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