Friday, October 29, 2010

Help oh help oh help...

is not
my favorite
High Holiday.


I have
to attend Saturday night

(and I want to
be in the spirit and
meet cool people
who might say to me
"how cool and creative!")

but I have
to make up my mind.

Of the following,
someone please tell me
which are the
coolest and the
sexiest and the
most weather appropriate and the
cheapest and the
easiest to track down on the
busiest costume-purchasing night

I already have the glasses, no?

Joan Benoit Samuelson
complete with American Flag drape
I already have the tennies.
And the marathon-trained legs.
But not the Olympic Gold Medal.

Martin Luther
complete with 95 theses
It's his 493rd anniversary on Sunday, after all.
And I could think of nothing warmer.
Or sexier.




Anonymous said...

@Karin. Well, as one who once answered the question, "Velma or Daphne?" with "Velma", I say stick with brains over ditz any day.


Anonymous said...

I saw 5 velmas this afternoon. Nay to the Velma. Too cold for gold medalist. Too esoteric for mr. man. Hmm, can we have another option and maybe an idea of the crowd at the parties and how much outdoor travel you will be doing to get to them?

k. mead said...

spice girl - iron on, tape, or stencil the name of a spice on a shirt.

k. mead said...


Karin said...

Ladies and gents -- thanks for the suggestions -- by the time I read these I had already gone shopping for the outfit...

@LTDS. The sporty Velma look actually worked well in a house-party crowd of rock-climbers and marathon runners drinking homemade beer. It was chilly, but I got to drive to the space and the cashmere sweater helped on the walk from the car.

@k.mead. That is SO my costume for next year. My OKC handle, incidentally, is the name of a spice, so....