Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bikini Challenge BV: Pool party

So, another week, another pound down.  Ten to go.  Considering the amount of beer I drank last week, I'm rather grateful for that pound.
May 4 Poundage: CXXXVII
May 19 Poundage: CXXXI
June 20 Goal Poundage: CXXI
(Poundage to go: X)
This coming week brings challenges .... kicked off today by my sudden prediliction to eat raw oatmeal by the cup while sitting at work.  It's fiber, but it's filling.  Twelve WW points worth of filling in 2 cups.

Challenges like the DIB drinks outing on Wednesday.  Cosmo city.

Like my friend Balint's birthday on Tuesday ...and since he cooked what I like for mine, I will probably cook what he likes for his .... which might be a couple of big steaks.

Like the road trip to Truro tomorrow to see Claudia, for which I will probably have to buy a $5 Espresso Frappucino (special treat, necessary) for the sunny, summer-like drive. Sure, C and I will probably be power-walking on the beach and scrubbing floors and otherwise getting her house ready for summer renters.  But it's also her birthday this weekend, so I expect wine, salmon, cheesecake ....


Thank goodness for the pressure of pool parties in May.  Which is what's on the docket Sunday.  Some generous folks from church choir who also happen to have a pool are throwing our choir's end-of-the-year bash.  Around their pool.

Which means I'll have to dig out the swimsuit exactly a month early.  Which means between now and then .... sit-ups, sit-ups .... and maybe about 20 miles of running.

See ya next Thursday .... hopefully (maybe, but doubtfully) another pound down.

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