Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a wonderful day when ...

.... I wake up to find that my candidate came in second.

..... my boss comes to me at noon, says he's going to the 1:35 p.m. Red Sox game, and leaves without me.
.... I end up spending an entire afternoon calculating cost basis from 3 different spreadsheets and 2 different websites and it still doesn't equate.

.... a 20-year-old Berklee student who, about 6 months ago, attempted several times to engage in his vaguely naive idea of erotic chat on OKC, and who you successfully fended off, re-emerges this afternoon to say,
"Hi, remember me?"
To which I said, "no." To which he said:

 "I was J**** before, but then I got a girlfriend and deleted my account. She broke up with me yesterday, so I'm back here."
.... another man who is, amazingly, my age and who engaged me a week ago to converse about Yo-Yo Ma and the Museum of Fine Arts, replies today to my initial reply to say that, because his ex-wife has cancer and isn't doing well, he will consequently be full-time taking care of his children and probably won't be in touch for a couple more weeks, if he is.

.... and yet another man, this one in his late 40s who lives in New Hampshire with his girlfriend and first wrote 3 months ago to say they were looking for a "sensual partner," thought I seemed "ideal" to join them, and included a couple photos of his bare chest for good measure, and to whom I decided not to respond, writes again today:

"I'm holding my breath."
.... there is a hole in each toe of each sock I'm wearing.

.... and it's raining.


Thank God my gym has a sauna and a Vinyasa yoga class and I've got nowhere else to be tonight but there.

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