Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DIBs: Doing It (finally)

The time has come, Daters of Idiosyncratic Bostonians.

(And you know who you are.)

We're in the heights of spring: the days are longest.  Audacious men are everywhere. Sex and the City 2 opens next Thursday and please tell me you are not going to see it.

Instead, you are going to meet me, Random Blog Reader, and whoever else chances to show up next Wednesday to drink and nosh with the DIBs.

I checked in with RBR a few days ago to tell her I felt stuck these past weeks. It doesn't feel good to have it be spring and have the days be long and have the men be audacious and to feel .... stuck.

She replied to needing the same. Whew.

Wednesday, May 26, 8 p.m.

Franklin Cafe, 152 Dorchester Ave, South Boston


Technically, we're
"a support group for 30-something female online daters contacted by idiosyncratic Bostonians with hankerings for (respectively) older ladies,
certain types of their clothing,
and certain varieties of chat function."

But we realize there are
idiosyncratic lady Bostonians out there, too. 

So men, join us, if you've got the tales to prove it.


cousin j said...

You may not want to entirely diss Sex and the City (though you may only be dissing its premiere, which is warranted, though I'll admit to having gone to the opening of the first with a group of women in fancy shirts and heels) but I digress. My point is that a future activity for your new club may be somehting they did in an episode and that led to some dates for me at a similar event a party entitled "Bring Someone Your Not Interested In" (but that someone else may be!) in order to switch up those guy friends who are datable just not by you. Just offering a summer kick off event...more details if you'd like to make it more formal, though with that it may be plenty fun as is.

Anonymous said...

oooo- that sounds like a fun idea!

cousin j said...

ok. i am ashamed at not having bothered to check for typos and foreign language brain misfires. i very well know and hate the mistake of your for you're. dagnabbit! not to mention the lack of punctuation that created run ons...long day driving make a good excuse? so sorry.

Karin said...

@cousin j. No need to stress. I only obsessively correct the grammar of potential dates.

I like this idea. But maybe we should have a warm-up drink, say hello first this week. Then in a couple weeks blow it out, expand the group, etc.

Good plan, though.