Thursday, May 27, 2010

DIBs: Cocktails

On the last 80-degree Wednesday evening in May, the DIBs hit up Southie for some patio cocktails at Franklin Southie.  Random Blog Reader and I were this time joined by Jen and Another Random Blog Reader. 

No bones about it.  We just sat for a couple hours and discussed  ..... Idiosyncratic Bostonians.  

Surprisingly and (again more and more not surprisingly), we knew many of the same characters.   Recognized screen names from websites.  When I launched into a story about man I'd gotten into several weeks of online conversation with before a relatively ill-fated live outing ... RBR injected with a wry smile: 

"That isn't _________, is it?"

And it was.

Don't worry .... we also discussed the horrifying possibility that we might be the Idiosyncratic ones. 

I can't speak entirely for my new friends, but I think we were striving for a sense of community and I think we found it:   four attractive (all), successful (all) mid-30s women.  Each with an active dating life and each with a litany of frustrations and sense of humor about it.  Each with an eerily encyclopedic knowledge of who has been hanging out on, OKCupid, PlentyOfFish,

All good reasons to get along.

In our other life circles we are the unmarried daughters or the one single in the group of married couples or the best friend of a dynamic guy who already has a girlfriend or the co-worker or the study partner.  In this circle we got to celebrate just being Singles in the City.

Nice.  Watch for the next one.

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singinflute said...

Wish I was still in Boston so I could make the next one!