Friday, May 28, 2010

Grateful (V)

That I received an e-mail from my company's IT head this morning, saying
"Power will be shut down for the entire building over the weekend. It will be turned off at 10PM Friday night and restored by 10PM Sunday.  This means all of our systems will be unavailable during this time including email..."
so that I had no reason

(after spending 8 straight hours (8!) on this, the last Friday before the summer calculating the historical cost basis on one client's mishmash of stock certificates and spreadsheets and e-mail records and dividend reinvestment plans and splits and mergers for XOM and IBM and T and RY)

to come in here this weekend and spend even one minute under the fluorescents for any God-given reason,

especially when I've got a date with a 5-mile run in a few minutes,

followed by a date in Wellesley with a divorced architect who has been pestering for awhile,

and then a date to reply to the polite e-mail from a 33-year-old runner (6', dark hair and eyes) from Arlington who wanted me to share my experiences from Reach the Beach Relay,

followed by a tomorrow that includes sleeping in, getting up to sit on my patio with an iced coffee and read the Times, and then planting impatiens in the patio flowerpots,

followed by a BBQ on Sunday ..... and a BBQ on Monday ....

which might mean I don't have to think until at least Tuesday about how the stock market tanked throughout May, particularly this week, and how the XOM cost basis calculations aren't yet complete.

Which will, by then, be June.  


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