Friday, May 14, 2010

Rude (but honest)

It must be a pleasant Friday afternoon, if I find myself deigning to give naively clueless men hints on how better to effectively proposition women on OKC.

A guy from New York, of an age who should know better, by way of IM greeting, earlier today demanded that I do something that rhymes with "duck tea." 

Of course, I could just ignore.  But why ignore when I can engage?
K: Excuse me?

Rude But Honest:  sorry, i am a bit horny

K:  Evidently.  But that's kind of rude.

RBH:  i guess so

RBH:  and i said it to the wrong person i guess

K: Well, you might have better luck with a bit more of a lead-in.

K: And work up to the s***ing part.   Just saying.

RBH:  yeah i'll note that

K: Alright. Good luck.

RBH:  it sometimes work with horny ladies tho

K:  Yeah, but you wouldn't usually know they're horny unless you ask.

RBH:  are u horny by any chance :}

K:  Nope.  But thanks for asking.
Coming attraction:  the other conversation I had today with a college student who, after turning down his request to meet up and share a massage, suggested that he instead join a yoga class if he wants to meet fit, smart girls ... to which he replied that "yoga makes me fart."

Stay tuned.

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