Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two-date fadeout

So today's Tuesday.

For a couple weeks on Tuesdays, you may remember, I hauled tail along Carson Beach with Erudite Runner and his buddies, later gathering at Boston Beer Garden for grub.   Last week I did not get an invite.  And obviously, not this week either.  In fact, I haven't heard a peep out of Erudite Runner since our goodbye that night on Broadway, 2 weeks ago.


Well, I haven't written him either .... which means we're not missing each other ... which is how it should be, considering that at our last outing I spent majority time engrossed in a yoga conversation with someone who was not him.  Nevertheless, half of me thought he and I would keep hanging out and running, friend-like. Although the other half of me realizes he probably already has enough running friends .... friends who actually run at his speed.

No heartbreak here. Sometimes, it's an actual relief when you go out on 2 dates with someone and know it's over.  (Friday-night man, Southie Med, for other recent examples.)  To just know. It is so rare in relationships and dating to ever just know.  And almost a gift when you do.

Soldier on.

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cousin j said...

you can do it, but it IS all about prevention and foresight. have the antidote to cravings at the quick and ready--diet pop or coffee beans in chocolate, or even gum, for that late afternoon affliction and you'll sail through the year and the macbook will be so worth it. good luck! i admire your moxie!