Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update and Observation

1) Ask and ye shall receive .... for you curious types wondering what was going through his non-gentlemanly head, an e-mail tonight from Southie Med:

"I wanted to pass along what is probably obvious – I don’t think we are headed for a love connection. But I have enjoyed meeting a neighbor who can carry on interesting conversation over beer. If you would like to sample other destinations in the Southie bar scene from time to time I would be game for that. If not, I wish you all the best."
The note arrived while I was in IM conversation with Young Scientist, so I shared it. His retort: "why would you want to see him again?"

Nothing wrong with neighbors.

Neighbors who, particularly, have already proved adept at conversations about religion and family and are willing to buy the beer.

I'm thinking I'll probably take him up.

2) The last couple days I've been burning through a series of online Scrabble rounds with a guy friend. He is very accomplished and routinely defeats me by 75 to 100 points. In one game he played 4 bingos; in another, it was "zaftig" on the triple-word; it was that same one, I think, that he backed me into setting him up for all the triple-word squares on the board.

I'm actually not a poor Scrabble player. He just has no mercy. And he's smart.

Now, we are playing with such speed that I'm catching on, and getting closer and more aggressive. I keep starting new games and he keeps playing. I'm starting to anticipate his choices. I get a serious charge out of putting down a satisfying word and waiting to see how he'll come back.

OK. Am I the only one who is starting to think of sex after reading that?

My word. So to speak.


Losing my Mind said...

Nothing at all wrong with neighbors, just beware the intentions one may have. I am sure you know that already.

Keep up with the Scrabble, one day you will succeed and you can gain a sense of accomplishment from it!

Anonymous said...

@Karin. Maintaining the civility, eh? Cool.

Karin said...

@LmM -- I have to tell you how I plan to reply....which is that I was thinking exactly the same thing. We had a good conversation but no real other spark, so my intentions are exactly that. I'll see what he says.

@squigkato -- yes. It's actually quite liberating.