Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 4 at 4

I work in finance. The 4 o'clock hour, the hour after the markets close, can either be frantic with day-end tasks ... or on occasion, a time to unwind from the earlier frantic whatever.

Yesterday, I spent a few moments during that hour checking my personal e-mail -- including, of course, OKC. In my time online I received the 4 following instant message requests.

Man #1 - 4:01 pm
(age 68, Collinswood NJ)

Man #1: are you looking for casual sex?
Oh. Of course. Thanks for asking.

Man #2 - 4:07 pm
(age 22, Hengelo, Netherlands)

Man #2: damn sexy lady
Karin: Thanks.
Man #2: and what makes you feel sexy? clothing? heel? lingerie?
Imagine here a brief, varied exchange regarding what kind of shoes I liked. (Why not?) Which turned into a question about what color bra I was wearing. Which was the moment I looked at his profile to see how old he was. Which meant that I then needed to say

Karin: I've got someone here talking to me, got to go.
Man #2: thats a pitty (sic)
Man #3 - 4:54 pm
(age 49, Carlisle, Mass)

Ah. The old-fashioned approach to a girl's heart.

Man #3: great movie, "Tootsie"

Man #4 - 4:57 pm

Man #4 only said "howdy."

But Man #4 is 15 years older than me and lives in Lyndhurst, NJ. Which makes us perfect for each other.

For those of you still all misty-eyed about the online dating approach .... just sharing the scene.

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Anonymous said...

@Karin. There's a pony in that pile somewhere.