Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting out of town

Even when the wind blows 21 mph and it feels like 11 degrees and no one told you ahead of time that the town of Gardner, MA (The Chair City!) has a bunch of 60-degree uphills that demand to be run uphill, it's a lot easier to finish a 10K in a bitter February wind when one of your best girl friends comes along for the ride and, after the race, agrees to go back out to the 4-mile marker to pose, as if proof were necessary.

(Well, if not necessary, a fun road trip, indeed. Thanks, C.)

The lonely road, from the runner's view.

The runner, revisiting the road.

The one-gloved photographer, with iPhone.


cousin j said...

Congrats on a run, girl, when the East Coast is in blizzard, look at you!

Kristin M said...

Yes, congrats on the run.
You own an IPhone? Is that new?

Kristin M said...

Sorry, I should have looked at the pics a little more closely. I'm a dork. Duh...