Monday, February 22, 2010

Wisdom ....

.... I'm learning (and should know by now), so often comes courtesy of a good night's sleep.

I'm also learning that if and when I write several concurrent blog entries going on publicly about feeling emotionally fragile, people are going to write and call me offline, asking, in so many words, "What the hell? You gonna make it?"

It's a relief to know that.

Cousin J has been offline for a week; evidently, last night she read and got caught up. And then she wrote asking if I was "going make it."

I slept well last night, waking up with a fresh week in front of me and an unusual sense of hope because of it, and was able to reply:
"So I'm OK, really. Feel like I'm in a shift period and just trying to get my legs. But they're there, somewhere. "
OK, legs. I'm still looking for you.

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squigkato said...

@Karin. Glad you slept well, and that you found your legs. As long as your left hand knows not what your right hand does, you'll be fine.