Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back for more

Recent experiences have left me confident there is nothing left about dating and friendships in Boston to shock or surprise me.


In January 2004, my inaugural online-dating foray, via Craigslist (before it got completely weird, natch), resulted in a uniformly spectacular one-night stand with a fellow with whom -- by the nature of the one-night stand and how it materialized -- no further friendship or relationship or hooking-upship was desired or necessary.

A great learning experience (she says with a wink and smile).

Last night. Via OKC. A message:

"Hello my old friend... You look fantastic. Remember little old me?"
Him. He. Mr. Craiglist. Scooped from the memory banks and into new reality.

Unreal, I say. Unreal.

(I'm still working on the incredulous comeback.)