Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cookie Day Pledge

I, Karin,

having ordered

1 box Lemonades
1 box PB Patties
1 box PB Sandwiches

(who, even with co-workers who, now fully recovered from Christmas season treat gluttony overload, are more than willing to snack if you put them out on the counter, was able to consume roughly half of said cookies in a single afternoon of spreadsheet composing)

hereby decree to reassert in public

(my previously private) pledge

to complete

1 10K road race
for each of the
12 months of

January's done.

February will be represented by this one, this Sunday.

(Which means I'd better leave the office right now


go for a run.)


klk said...

All I can say is, "Good luck!" Girl Scout cookies are a temptation I HAVE to avoid. Lucky for me, I don't know any Girl Scouts. ;-)

Mrs. Hansen said...

Have you read Kate's Salon article on GSCs? It's hilarious and horrifying all at once. Linked it on my facebook page. I would kill for some Thin Mints right now...but, don't know any Girl Scouts either. =D

Karin said...

@Mrs Hansen.

Great find! Here it is:


I love the sentence that says something like "eating is NOT A SIN."