Monday, February 15, 2010

Stuff. (Really. Stuff.)

My god.

This weekend.


Drama. Changes. Craziness.

[That's about all I can manage to say. Some of it I can't articulate, so I won't. Most of the rest I shouldn't talk about in public, so I won't. My head's a mess tonight, though. And I've already called the folks I feel like calling. IM'd with the folks who are around to IM. Didn't sleep Saturday night. Played my turn on all the online Scrabble boards for which it was my turn. Forgot to eat most meals. Finished my taxes. Bought a yoga mat. Drank vodka in relative excess (see: Didn't sleep Saturday night). Practiced 7 Goldberg Variations. Ate all the conversation hearts I bought for the office. Tried to figure out how to un-mess my messy life (see: Drama. Changes. Craziness.) Tried to figure out how to un-mess my head. Trying now, actually.]

But that's all.

Sorry. You don't get any meat. I mean, I could talk more about my tax refund (oh, yeah) and what kind of sweet trip to Europe I might take this summer with some of it .... or the sweet bike I could possibly buy ... but ....

Amazingly, my head isn't there at all.

Decreed: there should be a support group for bloggers with burning topics they can't blog about, who instead must post cryptic lists of nonsense.

Which doesn't satisfy, I know.

It doesn't me, really, either.


squigkato said...

@Karin. Enquiring minds would like to learn of these, eventually.

Karin said...

@squigkato. You might have to wait for the memoirs.

squigkato said...

@Karin. The postumously published ones, to be sure. :-))